Friday, July 30, 2010

Drivers Permit

I feel so oldest son just got his driving permit. I told him I was not going to teach him to drive that his dad would be doing that. Im not a good driver and why is that....well I self taught myself (mostly). When I was about 14 there was this guy interested in my bff. Well we told him that I knew how to drive so he let us take his car. So I hopped in the drivers seat and we took off. Being 14 this was sooo much fun (being a mother this is terrifying!). We were in an unfamiliar place so we were trying really hard to remember what street we were. Needless to say we got lost! I remember trying to do a u-turn and could not get it, there was a guy watching us (he was scarred that we were going to hit his car) so he came out and moved his car. Well we were lost for over an hour then we finally found our way back. The guy was so mad. But we had so much fun. I didnt get my license til I was 21 and when I went to get it I was 9 months pregnant so for my drivers test I just had to go around the block. The guy was so nervous that I would go into labor.

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Jing said...

Congrats Jaren!! It's true how it's funny, yet not so funny as a mom. Remember when we were taking the Stadium cutoff and it looped around and the sprinklers were going around and you thought you were going to get wet, so you ducked down and you were driver. It was funny, but scary at the same time. You cared more about your hair than our safety!! But I guess that's what happens when you drive illegally!! Too funny :)